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The phenomenon of car washing on the street is prominent, and the car washing industry urgently needs to be regulated
The phenomenon of car washing on the street is prominent, and the car washing industry urgently needs to be regulated
Washing cars on the street has washed the cars, soiled the road, and even damaged the sidewalk. Pedestrians passing by the car wash shop often encounter the phenomenon of stepping on their feet and splashing with sewage. Recently, after receiving multiple complaints, our reporter conducted an investigation on car wash shops in the three towns and found that the car wash industry in Jiangcheng has a prominent phenomenon that needs to be regulated.   Occupy the road and wash cars everywhere    The reporter counted less than 20% of those with business licenses    In the past few days, reporters found that car wash shops can always be found in streets or alleys. Some places even get together to operate. According to industry insiders, there are more than 4,000 large and small car wash shops in the central city of Wuhan. With the continuous increase of motor vehicles, car wash spots have blossomed everywhere.    At the waist embankment section of Hanyang Avenue, there are six or seven car wash shops along the nearly 400-meter-long street, of which only one has an independent indoor wash shop. On the side of the levee section of Zhongshan Road in Wuchang, less than 200 meters long, there are 14 car wash shops of various sizes, none of which are wash workshops. In the area of ​​Chama Road in Hankou, dozens of car wash shops simply put the "pavement" on the sidewalk or even the motor vehicle lane.    The reporter did a little statistics and found that only 20% of these car wash shops on the street had a business license, and most of the others were operated without a license. The conditions of most street car wash shops are very simple, with a water pipe, a few bottles of detergent, and a few rags, and the space outside the shop seems to extend indefinitely-that is, the sidewalk in front of the shop, which can be occupied by vehicles to be washed and washed during peak hours. . Most car wash shops are less than 20 square meters, and they can’t accommodate a small car after they are filled with car wash supplies; some car wash shops don’t even have a sign, just simply place a wooden board on the street that says "Car Wash" .    But the business of these car wash shops is good. On the morning of the 7th, the reporter stopped at a car washing shop on Chama Road in Hankou for 30 minutes. On average, one car was cleaned every 10 minutes. The shopkeeper told reporters that it rained for several days a while ago, and as soon as the sky cleared, more people had to wash the car.    Low prices to meet market demand    Small business is too small, once the car is injured, it is difficult to make a claim At the Hanyang embankment, a car owner said in an interview with reporters that the main reason for washing cars in street car wash shops is for convenience. There are many such shops. Once the car is parked, people will come to wash the car naturally, and the price is cheap. As long as 10 yuan is more cost-effective.    The reporter observed that the owner of the car was driving a Jetta. After the car stopped, someone immediately poured water on the car with a washbasin, then sprinkled it with washing powder, wiped it with a rag, rinsed with a high-pressure water gun, and finally wiped it dry with a rag. In less than 10 minutes, a car was washed.    Not far from here is a car wash shop with a washing workshop. Workers working in the shop told reporters that most of the nearby car wash shops do not have a business license. Some shopkeepers come from the countryside, some are laid-off, and most are small businesses. Most of the people working in the shop are relatives of the family. The biggest expense is rent. "Regular car washes use special towels or sponges. You need to use at least two to three yuan for each car wash. Car wash liquid should also be special. Don't underestimate the car wash, it's not easy!" said the worker, "Some car owners are cheap. When I go there to wash the car, I don’t know that these shops only use detergent and a rag to wash the car, which can easily damage the car paint. There are often car owners, but that kind of shop will definitely not be able to compensate."   How many car washes on the street disturb the people    Citizens complain: Occupying sewage noise The cleaned cars lined up on the sidewalk, and the high-pressure water gun sprayed the water column "roughly"; the muddy water washed down from the car flowed to the roadside ditch, raising the bottom of the ditch, and the car washing sewage was difficult to quickly flow into the sewer, and overflowed On the motorway... "The dirty water is flying towards the faces of pedestrians. It's too unhygienic. It's really annoying!" a middle-aged woman who just passed by complained as she ran. This is what the reporter saw at the entrance of the Wuchang Dike on the morning of March 6.    The reporter's visit found that, regardless of whether they have a business license or an independent indoor washing workshop, almost all car wash sho
Car wash frequently during rainy season to prevent spots
Car wash frequently during rainy season to prevent spots
 In spring, it is cloudy and sunny, and it is easy to return to moisture and breed bacteria. Therefore, we must do a good job of anti-mold work, mainly to keep the car clean and sanitary, and not to leave dead spots. In the spring season when there are more rains, it is necessary to do a good job in car washing. Many car owners think that in the spring, we should do a good job of moisture prevention and wash cars as little as possible. In fact, it is wrong. There is a lot of rain in spring, and the acidic substances in the rainwater will damage the paint surface of the car greatly, and it is easy to form small spots after air-drying. Therefore, the car should be washed frequently to remove these acidic substances. Of course, it is necessary to dry the car as soon as possible after washing the car. For the cleaning of the car, special attention should be paid to some blind spots, such as the instrument panel, seat, roof, etc. When cleaning the leather surface, it is necessary to not only decontaminate, but also pay attention to maintenance, otherwise it is easy to age; while cleaning the suede, special attention should be paid to sterilization. In addition, before the summer, it is necessary to clean the air conditioner in the car. Clean the air conditioner in advance to ensure that the air conditioning system is operating normally, which helps to promote the circulation of air in the car and prepare for the summer. At the same time, clean the air outlet of the air conditioner to avoid dust blocking the air outlet.
Car washing industry: the three main forces divide the "golden cake"
Car washing industry: the three main forces divide the "golden cake"
In recent years, with the continuous expansion of urban extension, the private car consumer market for commuting has become increasingly large. The number of private cars in Beijing is basically increasing at an average rate of 1,000 per day, and it is very likely that in 2009 it will exceed the 4 million mark. Private cars are increasingly "driving" into the homes of ordinary people, and the number of cars is rising. The car washing industry derived from the automotive consumer market has become a "golden cake" due to small investment and low thresholds. However, while gaining opportunities, the car washing industry is also facing an awkward dilemma: water consumption is getting more and more attention, and many places have introduced water-saving management methods. Traditional car washing methods are the first to be caught on the cusp. For the past few days, the reporters have been visiting the Nancheng District of Beijing to find out that whether it is a large residential community represented by Fangzhuang or the urban-rural fringe area outside the South Fourth Ring Road that has not yet been developed on a large scale, although the scales are different, You can always find a car wash shop within a 5-minute drive. In Xiaohongmen, Chengshou Temple and other places, there has even been a phenomenon of crowded business operations, and car washing spots are blooming everywhere.    There are eight or nine car wash shops along the street from Chengshou Temple to Xiaocun Bridge on the South Third Ring Road that is less than 200 meters long. The reporter saw that the conditions of these street-side car wash shops are very simple, most of the shops are less than 20 square meters, only enough for a small washing workshop. Although the size of the store is small, the space outside the store seems to extend infinitely. Usually one is flushed in the washing workshop and three are wiped on the side of the road. The vehicles waiting to be washed often block the congested water of the long and narrow sidewalk. During the visit, the reporter found that, regardless of whether they have a business license or an independent indoor washing workshop, almost all car wash shops make full use of sidewalks and even bicycle lanes. Occupying roads for car washing is almost a "hidden rule" in the car washing industry.    A car owner said in an interview with reporters that the main reason for washing a car at a street car wash is for convenience. It only costs 10 yuan for a wash, and a 100 yuan card can be washed 13 times and a water wax is given, which is more cost-effective. And the price of washing the body of 5 yuan once attracted a large number of taxis. The reporter found that some double-shift drivers directly use the car wash point as a shift base. According to the monitoring report issued by the Beijing Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, washing a car requires 200 liters of water to flush with a hose, and 30 liters of water to flush with a high-pressure water gun. The amount of water used to wash a car in Beijing per year exceeds one Kunming Lake or Equivalent to the storage capacity of 6 North Seas. According to the actual "Beijing Water Conservation Method", once a car wash site finds that tap water is used, it can be fined up to 20,000 yuan.    In addition, this kind of hand-crafted car wash shop generally adopts the form of bucket and rag. The same bucket of water is used repeatedly to wipe the body. The mud and sand contained in the water can easily scratch the paint and greatly reduce the finish of the body. According to a guy who used to wipe the car on the side of the road, in order to make the car brighter after wiping, they often use alkaline detergents, such as washing powder, when wiping the car. Although the car paint looks clean and bright in a short period of time after scrubbing, the car paint will become dull and dull after several washings, and it will even corrode the car paint.    In recent years, after consumers have applied for a car wash card, the phenomenon of "evaporation" in car wash shops has also appeared in the newspapers. These have cast a shadow over the traditional auto shops.   Computer car wash shop survives by star service    Compared with the traditional manual car wash of the "high pressure water gun + rag" style, high-tech computerized car wash shops are much more professional. However, these computerized car wash shops were not as popular as imagined, and even suffered a "cold reception."    The reporter found in the investigation that the source of these computerized car wash points mainly comes from the company’s buses, while family cars are relatively few. Regarding computerized car washes, as a private car family, Ms. Sun expressed her opinion: manual car washes cost only 10 yuan, and sometimes bargaining can be 2 yuan cheaper. Although computerized car washes are faster, the price is generally 15 yuan. For ordinary families In other words, the cars are all low- and mid-range cars,

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