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Zhejiang DeGong Technology Co., Ltd. ( Yongjia Yamei Washing Equipment Co., Ltd.)was founded in 2003,mainly
specializing in the automobile decorative products,which are mainly used to automobile surface processing and waxing.The
prices we offer are reasonable and the quality is high.
There are such series of products in our company, such as various shape sponge pads,wool pads, washing items and such
these automobile accessories and other related products. Our raw materials are primarily introduced from Germany, Australia,
Belgium and Japan.At present, our marketing network has expanded to main and medium cities all over the world.
This field is a promising one, and we will obey our company's management idea of "keeping our promises, working with
sincerity", and catch every opportunity to developping ourselves.Our stafis also follow the principle of "worKking carefully, good
faith" always.With joint everyone's efforts, we believe that well developping more quickiy and make products better to satisfy
our customers.

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